Traditional Ubtan in Modern form

Traditional Ubtan in Modern form

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Ubtan is a traditional beauty regime practiced from ancient Indian scriptures dating back to Vedic ages. The Sanskrit word of it is “Ubvartan”. It is counted as one among the 16 beauty steps of women “Satah Singar” recommended by Ayurveda. This Ubtan tradition is followed in the beauty treatment of bride and groom to prepare them for a new life detaching from the old life through the process of exfoliating their body by Ubtan Body Treatment.

By this hint, you now have an idea that Ubtan is the form of home-made paste derived from the sun-dried herbs, roots and flowers that are being hand pounded and added with milk, yoghurt or rosewater to exfoliate, deep cleanse and moisturize the skin.

This inspirational age old custom could be practiced daily at home in the midst of busy schedule by owning the Wow Skin Science Ubtan Beauty range of products in the modern form of Bath soap, Body Wash and Body Scrub maintaining the same natural vigor that you receive in freshly prepared Ubtan home paste.

1. Ubtan Bathing Bar:

In the make of this product,

pH Balance of this bath bar is maintained at 5.5 level that balances skin’s pH to restore the smoothness of the skin.

It is bottled within 48 hours of preparation with 100% pure ingredients devoid of chemicals or solvents.

2. Ubtan Body Wash:

This Body Wash has been formulated with antioxidant rich formula enriched with natural active ingredients. They are safe to use being Paraben free, gluten free and sulphates free.

3. Ubtan Face & Body Scrub:

The Face & Body Scrub is made to revive the dull skin by removing dead skin cells, dirt, tan and control excess oil. This freshness of a fresh feel invigorates you to have a glowing refreshed skin for longer period.

The product is safe to use for it is Paraben free and sulphates free.

The main ingredients of all these Wow Ubtan range of Beauty Care products:

  1. Chickpea Flour
  2. Turmeric
  3. Sandalwood oil
  4. Saffron extract
  5. Almond Powder
  6. Rosewater
  7. Cucumber Water
Wow Bath Bar Main Ingredients
Wow Body Wash Main Ingredients
Wow Face & Body Scrub Main Ingredients

Have a crystal clear flawless skin by using these Ubtan Skin Care range of products from Wow Skin Science.

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